5-Star Review on Amazon & Goodreads

By BobTon October 17, 2017

Format: Paperback

What a great idea! A little green pill that takes away everything loathsome in your life and replaces it with everything your dreams want you to be. All you have to do is volunteer - and that’s what the author’s four main women characters do. It works for them. They leave behind their old unhappy states and – fuelled by green-pills – achieve exactly what they want: fame, for one; beauty for another; wealth for the third; and revenge for the last. You just know it can’t be that easy. After all, they are not alone. Other people start throwing up problems, some maliciously. What should be a road to paradise become increasingly tainted and the foursome find themselves far less free than they had imagined. An evil influence is at work. Someone with a frightening agenda who wants everything their own way no matter whose life gets destroyed in the process.

The story dips into the lives of the four women as they achieve their dreams. It gives us a peep into their fears and determination – and, for one at least, it also shows selfish ruthlessness.
In the context of an unnervingly realistic future world, privacy is non-existent and system abuses inevitable. This all feeds into a heady mix that is bound to explode. When it does, some die and some disappear. That should be the end, but the author hasn’t quite finished. The evil ‘someone’ powerfully survives and they know all about the four women.

This is an imaginative book that makes intriguing reading. Thoroughly recommended