Readers' Favorite Susan Sewell's 5-star review

Four women's low self-esteem and poor self-images motivate them to try a life-altering experiment conducted from a secret lab hidden in a futuristic plastic forest, in the spellbinding dystopian novel, iDENTITY by Cynthia Kumanchik. It is almost halfway through the twenty-first century, and privacy is a thing belonging to another era. Nothing about anyone is secret, and life decisions are crucial. With everyone watching and where nothing is hidden, it is almost impossible to overcome personal mistakes and have second chances. Every nuance of every person's life is open to the government and public eyes. After experiencing traumatic blows to their subsistence and self-worth, and believing they have no hope of redefining their lives, Maggie, Jasmine, Lena, and Sydney answer an advertisement that promises to help them transform their identities. They are assured the life they desire is in a little green pill, but what are the drawbacks that come with this magical elixir? Are the answers hidden away in the dark and dank depths of the basement below the laboratory?

iDENTITY by Cynthia Kumanchik is an exciting, brilliant and fascinating women's novel taking place in the next couple of decades. From the beginning, I was impressed by how close the era setting is to present day occurrences and how the scenario portrayed is very possible. It has a captivating storyline and strong plot, which keep the reader involved with the characters. I was enamored with each of the main characters and intrigued with their plights. I was immersed in all four women's lives from the start and eagerly anticipated their metamorphosis. Although the book is separated into each character's point of view, it flows well and never loses momentum. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and I highly recommend this unforgettable futuristic novel. It will delight both those who love dystopian books and those who admire women who leave the role of victim behind.