Lake Girl scores first review--4 stars!


4.0 out of 5 stars  Well written with an easy flow and suspenseful story

V.E. on March 20, 2018

Lake Girl by Cynthia Kumanchik gets off to a strong start when the protagonist of the story is killed off rather quickly. Lily works at a local place called the Shorebird where locals and tourists alike hang out. Lily has other things than work on her mind though, and goes down to the water to meet someone. Instead of meeting her dream crush of a man, she dies. When she dies, she seems to enter a limbo land, suspended above the day to day action of her town. This is fascinating to watch, and this is how we learn more about her character. This is a YA novel that is effectively written in language that is both down to earth and engaging. Lily is a strongly written character, and her mother Rose, whom Lily has never known, is now looking into her daughter's death. As an investigative reporter she now has a personal connection to the mysteries that are taking place in the lakeside community of Lakeview Shores. Well written with an easy flow and suspenseful story, this novel will please young adult readers with it's good plot and solid characters.